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Instant social sharing

This isn't your traditional Photo Booth.

Our super-sleek and sturdy booth instantly delivers photos straight to your phone!


Create custom live galleries.

Select from hundreds of designs.

Receive a digital library of everyone's photos! 


High-class & High-tech

An all-digital system that is super-fast and easy to navigate. 

High resolution images & Professional lighting

Featuring a tilt-cam as well as 100+ LED sequences.

Custom templates and overlays.

Custom lighting.


Entertaining Props & Backdrops

Create the perfect experience with a wide selection of props, virtual props and backdrops.

Eco-friendly & Easy to use

Forget the bulk, save the space. 


Snap a photo, or create a GIF. Film boomerangs, videos, testimonials. Pick filters. Keep everyone laughing with a live slide show!



Photo Booth Package includes:

- Digital Photos

- Boomerang

- Animated GIF's 

- Video


Instantly text photos to your phone.


Unlimited photos


6 filters


Customizable template - to match your theme


Customizable lighting - to match your theme


Customizable Website - every capture is immediately uploaded to an online gallery


Assortment of Props


Assortment of Digital Props - face effects to add that extra touch of creativity to every capture


Zip-drive digital folder of all the photos from the event

Black Sequin.jpeg

Package starts at $400


$100 Backdrop 
$100 Glam feature, air-brush filter (Red-carpet vibes 🤩)


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